\ PlayerController
Enables camera tracking to follow the active player node.
Speed Tracking speed
Tilt Camera roll/tilt
AutoZoom Contains auto zoom properties
Enables/disables camera auto-zooming
The field-of-view that the camera will zoom to when the object is approaching the far end of the zoom range
The field-of-view that the camera will zoom to as the tracking object approaches the near end of the zoom range
Number of field-of-view steps that the camera will snap to while the tracking object is within the zoom range
Distance from the camera the tracking object can be for zoom changes to occur
Zoom speed
AutoFocus Contains auto focus properties
Enables/disables auto-focus (only valid if depth-of-field lens effects are enabled on the camera)
Prediction Contains prediction properties
Enables/disables prediction tracking where the camea will track a position in-front of a moving object
Maximum distance offset in world-space the camera will track in front of the tracking object
This object has no methods.
This object has no events.