Inherits \ OpenSpace
Represents the overall SkySpaceary rendering characteristics of a SkySpacearySurfaceWorld.
TimeOfDay Time of day defining sun position in the sky
TimeOfYear Time of year that, along with surface latitude and SkySpaceary tilt, defines the sun sweep path
NightSky Simulates the night sky where the moon becomes the primary sky light source
SurfaceLocation Controls the location of the SkySpace surface that is being rendered in the World
Latitude coordinate of surface location that helps determine sun sweep path
Elevation position in normalized coordinates that determines surface location relative to the atmosphere column where 0 is sea level and 1 is the edge of space.
Celestial Controls celestial outer space rendering properties
Planetary tilt that helps determine sun sweep path
Sun options
Wavelength of sun light
Intensity/luminosity of sunlight reaching the SkySpace
Texture map of the sun
Relative size of sun on the sky
Moon options (moon light intensity is derived from the sun's intensity)
Texture map of the moon
Relative size of moon on the sky
Star options
Intensity of star light
Texture map of stars
Defines the Rayleigh coefficient or the tendency of particles smaller than a water molecule to refract
Defines the Mie coefficient or the tendency of particles larger than a water molecule to refract
Controls how tightly sunlight is diffused through the atmosphere
If set to true, user can override sun light and haze colors
getClouds Gets the Clouds properties
onNightTimeUpdate Emitted when entering/exiting nighttime