Inherits \ NodeBody
Represents a node's physical rigid body.
Movable Sets whether an object is fixed or movable
Mass Defines the body mass
Friction Defines the body friction
Bouncyness Defines the body's tendency to restitute or bounce back colliding impulses
CollisionShape Defines the collision shape
CollisionModel Collision model representing the body's volume (as opposed to surface Material collision models)
ConstantForce Applies a constant force to the RigidBody
hasContact Returns true if rigid body is in contact with another surface
setDamping Sets linear and angular dampling values that help attenuate forces
setSleepingThresholds Sets velocity levels below which the body sleeps (stops being integrated)
getLinearDamping Returns the linear damping value
getAngularDamping Returns the angular damping value
getLinearSleepingThreshold Returns the linear sleeping threshold
getAngularSleepingThreshold Returns the angular sleeping threshold
getTotalForce Returns the total forces currently defined
getTotalTorque Returns the total angular forces current defined
getLinearVelocity Returns the linear velocity
getAngularVelocity Returns the angular velocity
setLinearVelocity Sets the linear velocity
setAngularVelocity Sets the angular velocity
applyCentralImpulse Applies a linear impulse at the center of mass
applyImpulse Applies a linear impulse at the given relative position
applyTorqueImpulse Applys a torque impulse
applyCentralForce Applys a force at the center of mass
applyForce Applys a force at the give relative position
applyTorque Applys a torque force
This object has no events.