\ Space
A 3D open space used to represent a physical scene.
Physics Physics world properties
World gravity force
Simulation Quality
Horizon A horizon represents the rendered space beyond the foreground space
The space to render at the horizon
Defines the scale of the horizon space relative this space
If true, this space will inherit the atmosphere of the horizon space, including global lighting
If true, will not clear the horizon to a solid color (define by the haze color)
getTriggerSpaceMap Returns a space map of triggers
getCameraSpaceMap Returns a space map of cameras
getMicrophoneSpaceMap Returns a space map of microphones
getPathSpaceMap Returns a space map of paths
getLODSpaceMap Returns a space map of LOD spaces
getDirectionalLight Gets the DirectionalLight properties
getAmbientLight Gets the AmbientLight properties
getHaze Gets the Haze properties
getFog Gets the Haze properties
This object has no events.
Derived Types
TerrainSpace, SkySpace