Inherits \ Concept
An object that can exist in space.
NodeID ID that identifies the primary characteristic/behavior of the node
Active Controls the node's affect in the space
setLocalPosition Sets the local position relative the parent node
getLocalPosition Gets the local position relative the parent node
setLocalRotation Sets the local rotation in radians relative the parent node
getLocalRotationAsEulerAngles Gets the local rotation angles relative to the parent node (in radians)
setLocalScale Sets the local scale relative to the parent node
getLocalScale Returns the local scale relative to the parent node
setLocalMatrix Set/get our local transform matrix relative to the parent node
getLocalMatrix Returns our local matrix (which may be in world space if we are defined as using a WorldSpace TransformFrame even though we have a parent node)
setWorldPosition Sets the position in world space
getWorldPosition Gets the position in world space
setWorldRotation Sets the rotation angles in radians in world space
getWorldRotationAsEulerAngles Gets the rotation in angles in world space (in radians)
lookAt Sets the rotation to look at the given point in world space
getWorldLookAtDir Returns our look at direction in world space
getWorldUpDir Returns our up direction in world space
getWorldRightDir Returns our right direction in world space
setWorldScale Sets the scale in world space
getWorldScale Returns the scale in world space
setWorldPositionRotation Sets the position and rotation in world space (more efficient then calling separate Set functions)
setWorldPositionAndLookAt Sets the position and rotation (via a look at point)
setWorldMatrix Sets our world matrix
getWorldMatrix Returns our world matrix
getInverseWorldMatrix Returns the inverse world matrix
getParentNode Returns our parent node
setParentNode Sets the parent transform node to the given parent.
setOrphanOnEmptyParentNode If false, prevents this node from being automatically orphaned if its parent node becomes nil. True by default.
isOrphanOnEmptyParentNodeSet Returns true if this node will auto-orphan when no parent node is defined
orphan Removes the node from any parent and removes it from the managing kit. Therefore the node will be deleted if no one is holding references.
orphanChildren Orphans all children
getSpace Returns our parent space
getRigidBody Returns the physical rigid body, if available
findNodeByNodeID Searches for a node based on a node ID
findNodeByName Searches for a node within the unit by the given name
getChildNodes Returns all children nodes in the table provided
fadeOutAndOrphan Causes the node to fade out and orphan
fadeOutAndDeactivate Causes the node to fade our an deactivate
cloneAsSharedCopy Clones the object as an instance and adds the node to the same libary. Also sets the parent node to the same parent as the source object
getLocalTransform Returns the Properties:: Transform member
getParentNodeProperty Returns the Properties:: Sample member
onMove Emitted when the node is moved (i.e. its world matrix changes)
Derived Types
VRScreen, Bundle, SoftBodyAnchor, DataVis, Emitter, PathNode, ImpulseNode, RigidBodyAnchor, RigidBodyConstraint, IKChain, Joint, SpaceMapNode