\ AntimatterObject
A primary concept that can be described via properties
This object has no properties.
detachPropertyFromInstanceSet Causes the object's property to become detached from the instance set allowing changes to the property without affecting other instances
attachPropertyToInstanceSet Causes the object's property to become attached with the instance set causing its value to synchronize with all other instances
getPropertyGroup Returns the Properties:: PropertyGroup member
This object has no events.
Derived Types
Attribute, TextureBaker, AudioInputBinding, UserInput, Pulse, DataSet, DataMod, DataModel, DataModStack, Shape, DataShape, Sampler, DisplayOutput, Signal, TextureInputBinding, DisplayBinding, ExternalScript, AudioData, Shader, Texture, GlobalScript, ViewPortLayer, TimeEventClip, Timeline, TimelineTrack, Timer, PlayerControl, Clouds, LensFlare, Fog, Haze, BuildingMaterial, Material, MeshMod, MaterialAttribute, MaterialMap, MeshModelInstance, MeshModStack, Ocean, Node, CollisionDetector, CollisionModel, CollisionResponse, Skeleton, ProceduralObjectLayer, TerrainIrregularityGenerator, TerrainLimiter, TerrainModifier, LensFlareType, LensFlareTypeCollection, LensModel, UIX