\ Emitter
Represents a node that emits objects based on a variety of conditions.
Controls with angle from which objects are emitted from the primary facing direction of the emitter
Determines the radius of the spherical volume around the emitter from which objects can emit from
Emits objects from random points on the parent MeshEntity
Continuous Controls continuous emitter state
Pulse used to control the rate of continuous emission
Defines the total number of objects to emit on a burst command
Simulation start time offset while will define the start state
Moving Controls moving emitter state that occurs when the emitter is moved
Defines the rate of emission relative move distance
Defines a velocity threshold that the emitter must meet or exceed to begin emitting
Instantiation Controls instantiation emitter state
Defines the total number of objects to emit initially on instantiation
This object has no methods.
This object has no events.
Derived Types
NodeEmitter, ParticleEmitter