Base object common to all Antimatter object types.
This object has no properties.
getParent Returns the owning parent object
getParentLibrary Returns the parent owning library of the object
getName Gets the object's name
setName Sets the object's name
isTypeOf Returns true if the object is derived from the given type
find Searches children (including attributes, objects, nodes and libraries) for an object with the given name (or nil if it does not exist). It's always best to use direct get() child access functions when possible as this function searches everything and is less efficient then specific find member functions (like findNodeByName(), findAttribute(), etc)
getAttributeCount Returns the total number of attributes controlling the object
getAttributeByIndex Returns an Attribute by index
findAttribute Searches for an Attribute by its name
isSharedCopyOf Returns true if this object is an instance of the given object
hasEvent Returns true if the object supports the given event.
addEventListener Registers a function to be called when the given event is emitted.
removeEventListener Unregisters a function from being called when the given event is emitted.
getUniqueID Returns a number guranteed to be unique amongst other instantiated AntimatterObjects
isPlayTimeGenerated Returns true if object was generated at play time (run time) vs an object that exists already before play is activated
cloneAsCopy Clones the object as a copy and adds it to the same parent libary
This object has no events.
Derived Types
Kit, Concept, SampleSet, Module, Property, Script, Animator, UIXEditor, EditorInterface, ToolInterface, TutorialInterface